It's just an annoyance. For PMS I get a mild backache, fatigue and uh, a minor digestive issue. My period only lasts 3 days.

The fatigue is sometimes bad enough to interfere. I know if I take vitamins it can help, but I'm really bad remembering that kind of stuff.

On a funny note, I once had a nurse argue with me about my periods. She said I was lying because the average period lasts 5-7 days. I defined the word average for her, she didn't appreciate it. that woman was weird. She was just taking my medical history and she kept arguing with me about it. It was odd.
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I had to deal with a nurse who tried to argur with me. I went to the hospital because of a respiratory infection and pink eye. my period was late. She kept argueing with me. "Why arent you worried? Dont that make you nervous? Are you sure you are not pragnant?"

I explained to her that my body knows when to cut me some slack. When i'll super sick I dont come on my period, which is why I was at the hospital. When I dont come on my period, I know my illness is serious and it has nothing to do with me being pregnant. She just couldnt get it. She had never heard of women period changing due to illness. to her if you'er late, you must be pregnant! She seriously seemed angry with me. WTF lady??!!?

I hate my period! sometimes a 4 other times a 5. sometimes i have to leave work early. You know the scene from the shining when the elevator doors open? thats how i feel my first 2 days! its a 5 when I have cramps on top of already having fatigue, bloating, and i'm beginning to get horrible pms! I actullay hope my first two days to be on the weekend so i can lock myself in the house and not see people.