Somewhere between 4 and 5.

My period itself isn't so bad. Day 1 I bleed through everything and just stay home so I can be on tampon watch every hour. But after that it isnt so bad. And now that I've gotten older my cramps arent as excruciating. I have uterine pain the first day or two.

But boy am I moody. And for like weeks. Ovulation kills me. I'm lethargic and crampy, and bloated and I feel sick, and im cold. I'm so miserable emotionally and mentally I want to crawl in a cave.

I start getting constipated about 4 days before my period until I get my period. The day of my period I am murderous. Sometimes around day 3 or 4 I become emotional again.

Im usually good for about one week a month.

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