So there are tons of videos and techniques on how to apply hair gel but what about LI and curl creams.

For gel I usually separate my hair into 3 or 4 sections starting from the bottom to the top and scrunch the product in. I find that I cannot just flip my hair over and scrunch the product in because the product does not get evenly distributed through my hair.

Today I experimented with CJ hibiscus banana honey butta for the first time. I wanted to see if I could get away with just using this as a LI and styler. I have no real experience with anything other than gel.

This product was thicker and I wasnt sure how to apply it. I just quickly smoothed it over my crown and underneath and smoothed with fingers. I did add the slightes bit of KCCC because its raining. My hair turned out surprisingly well. I was nervous because I love gel but Im trying to find other things that are softer. You could tell it wasnt evenly distributed because it was frizzy in places.

heres some pictures
Photo Album - Imgur
3A 3B mix
Colored treated
Combo Low and High porosity
Medium coarse texture

Goosefootprints hair analysis
Co-wash- As I Am Co-wash
LI- As I Am leave in,
Style- la looks sport gel