My Biology teacher told us not all genetic traits are as cut and dry as dominant and recessive. I had asked her why my skin color was neither like my mom who is extremely light or my father who is very dark. Im in between. She said skin tone was a trait that is different from the rest is that is can take on a mixture of both traits. Im guessing the same is true for hair patterns which means a 1 and 4 could make a 2.
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This is exactly the answer. Its called co-dominance. Most traits are not so easy to define as dominant and recessive. I just finished a genetics class and you wouldnt believe how complicated that stuff is. Basically there are several genes that control hair and unlike dominant/recessive genes that show either one trait or the other, co-dominant traits show a blend of both. The example out teacher frequently cited was snapdragons. A red snapdragon (flower) and white snapdragon will have some pink "babies" along with red and white. The traits blend together.