Well, I first tried this technique when i read about it at tightlycurly.com it worked, but i think i used too much conditioner because my hair always turned out crunchy and it looked greasy.

Today, I was detangling my hair from swimming (a literal rats nest). What I did was soak under the shower with cold water, add lots of thick, creamy conditioner, add oil and a spray-in conditioner (liquid) A wide-toothed comb wasnt working, so I used a Denman brush. My curls spiraled beautifully! 45 minutes later, I twisted my hair and put it in a plastic shower cap, then layered it with a towel. I let it sit for about 30-45 minutes . Now, my is so soft, moisturized, shiny, bouncy and spiraled! Not a bit of frizz! Im thinking of doing this for my new regimen!

Just keep in mind my hair is thick, course, and 3a underneath with 3b-3c on top. If you have wavy hair this might be too heavy for your hair and may weigh it down a lot .

I forgot to mention that I used the Bed Head Super Straight Conditioner (it doesnt really straighten my hair at all)

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