Can someone please tell me how you get the tangles, or should I say mats, out of your kids hair? The only way I know how is to brush them out (using a silicone based detangler).

I have 12 y/o twin daughters who have 2A-2B and 2B-2C hair. Their hair is also very frizzy. Since I'm not in the shower with them I usually brush it out before they shower and then use a wide tooth comb directly after they get out. My daughter has tried to comb her hair in the shower, but she finds it really hard to do. OTOH, their hair is so frizzy it makes me think I am damaging it when I brush/comb it.

Can anyone give me some tips? Does anyone have any favorite detangling conditioners? Is there any such thing as silicone free detanglers (we're trying to go CG)? Finally, if they can only comb their hair wet, are they going to have to get in the shower every day to keep the tangles at bay?

Thanks in advance!
Vanessa, aka the stumped mom with fine, straight hair