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Could you please share what your understanding of what "going CG" is? I find a lot of naturals have a misunderstanding of it and it helps to talk (or rather write) it out so that the method is clarified.

Basically CG is:
1) Shampoo less frequently (down to never if your scalp can stand it) and use conditioner to cleanse or low-poo if absolutely necessary when your hair/scalp needs it

2) Condition more frequently (use products that are silicone free)

3) Style with your fingers. Gel is useful because it sets the curl but it is optional. If you like to use gel make sure it's alcohol- (the drying kind) and silicone-free (or is water soluble).

4) Air dry majority of the time. Limit or cut out heat styling (unless drying with a diffuser)

5) Trim on an as-needed basis depending on your hair goals and your lifestyle.

That's it. Lorraine Massey does encourage that in order to truly embrace your natural texture, one should not over-manipulate it or style it in a way that is harmful to the curls. I think that's where people have been interpreting that to mean that Type 4s cannot do twist outs or braidouts and be CG, but that just doesn't make any sense. Those styles are texture-friendly, esp when dealing with the kinkiest and coiliest of curl patterns. The problem comes in when a person is tugging and pulling their hair to get it to do something it can't. That's the point she was getting at.

The bottom line of this method is to focus on increasing the hydration levels of the hair and treat it kindly. How each curlie determines what that is for their hair is ultimately up to them. There's no need to make it complicated, if you don't want to wet your hair everyday, then don't. If you only need to wash your hair once a week, every 2 weeks, or even once a month then that's cool. Conditioning is what matters anyway. If you want to twist, or braid it to stave off shrinkage, then do that. Just be mindful to respect what your hair can and can not do and you'll be fine.

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This whole thread has me confused because a great number of the 4a posters including myself are CG.
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Atermis beat me to it. To me it seems most of the new wave of CG-doers believe CG is all about wng and Tresseme. Folks are not realizing that they are usually already practicing core principles of going CG by avoiding sulphates, silicones e.t.c
Thanks for setting it straight.

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I suspect part of the misconception came from that because this section is about "trying" CG then it is mostly people who are new to the method who post here and maybe most of them have looser curls. I admit this may be the 1st or 2nd time I have looked at this section because I have been CG for years. People may not realize veteran CG'ers probably dont post as much here because they are not trying they're doing. There are plenty of tightly coiled ladies who follow this method. It keeps my hair better hydrated.
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