So, I've always had these hairs scattered around my head. But, now that I've begun to really want to take care of my hair, and am learning so many remedies to hair problems I didn't even know I had, I was wondering if anyone knows the causes/remedies of these little DEVILS. What the photos below don't show is really just how small and WIRY these things are. Like an unkempt horse mane/tail hair. They go completely haywire from my hairs natural pattern. Perhaps someone can tell to by the photos what my hair thickness is? I've always assumed coarse, though I'm probably right. These photos were taken not long after I just finished my first baking soda & ACV rinse (after being shampoo free for 3+ weeks now, only using conditioner,) but these random seemingly unhealthy hairs stick around wet or dry...

3a/2c, coarse, high density, low-semi medium porosity.

Shampoo free since May 2012.
Baking soda + ACV regime

Growing out hair from 1-inch length since January 2012!

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