They look to hit you at about the same place. The real difference is how much tighter they look on that model. Really, I think they put her in a size too small. She would look awkward walking. Plus she's wearing heels, which elongate the legs.
These are your longest, though?
(I kid, I just couldn't wear any shorter than that myself, assuming I wore shorts.)
And yeah, you have a nice bod.
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Bow chicka wow wow. Thanks, Saria and kayb!

I lied, I do own two pairs of cargo shorts, much like these, but they don't fit me anymore:

The other model does look like she'd be uncomfortable walking, doesn't she?

I googled Gap Clean Front Shorts and it appears that they're supposed to fit the way they model is wearing them. I'm actually more comfortable with the fit I have, but out of curiosity I went and looked at the tags on my shorts (I still haven't worn any of them) and not only are they not petite, like I thought they were, but they have a 3 1/2" inseam. I find that very strange because the shorts are now advertised as Gap Canvas Shorts and the inseams are only available in regular: 4", tall: 5", petite: 3".