Hi, I finally decided to post in this thread. I've been natural for awhile, but I damaged my hair with heat and had to start all over. It's been a struggle with the hair in terms of keeping it moisturised. I don't know what my hair type is, or even porosity level. I'm trying to learn all of this to help with keeping my hair more healthy. As I have a huge problem with moisture and frizz (especially at my edges) which has led to breakage and cutting off a lot of my hair again in November, second BC I guess. I'm hoping to get it right this time.

Anyway these are some pics of my hair. I believe it's a 4a with maybe some 3c, but I wanted to make sure. Any pointers on it would be great.

I have some pics:

As you can see my edge are prone to dryness and being frizzy (also seems to be a totally different type to the rest of the hair). And this makes it grow slower than the rest of my hair.
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Looks like 4a to me.
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