Thanks for all the responses!

To clarify, I am tall, 5' 9" and have a 32" inseam. The shorts in question have a 4" inseam, which means there's a lotta leg showing when I wear them, but no pocket hang-out, no cheekies showing, no "the world is my gyno", which is my new favorite classification of short-shorts!!!

I have gained some tummy weight and some all over weight, but I am not overweight; I've always been skinny-mini until the last couple of years. My legs are still great while the rest of me has gone to pot, imo!

I wore the shorts yesterday to do errands around town, with a fitted, but loose t-shirt with a respectable (read modest) neckline, and no one stared or gave me dirty looks and I was totally comfortable. The only sitting I did was in my SUV so no one saw me sitting but my kids.

So I have come to this decision: I will wear them when I want to but that won't be to neighborhood BBQ's or church picnics, just errands, the pool, the lake, on the walking trail, around the house type of thing.

Medussa, you look wonderful! I still have no curves: I am built more like a man, my waist is almost as big as my hips, always has been, no matter what my weight. NOT FAIR!!!