Golden, we're about the same age. My rule has always been, if I can't bend over or sit down, my shorts are too short. I'm almost 5'3" and until this thread, never took note of inseams when it came to shorts (I only did that with pants). For the purpose of this thread, I went and measured my shorts. They have 4", 3.5", and 3" inseams. I think the 3" ones look just peachy, but as Silvercurls pointed out, they can ride up when I sit down and I hate that. I still wear them, but not in mixed company.

This model is wearing the longest pair of shorts I own, but they don't look like this on me.

On Ms. Amazon:

On me:
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Those shorts look great on you.
That is the where the shorter ones I have fall on me as well.
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Oh my word, do they ever! What a great figure you have!

I'm 5'3.5" and those shorts would probably hit me on the same part of the thigh.
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