I'm coming from kind of a spiritual perspective. My pastors are a married couple. The wife and her brother each have a black mother and their father is puerto rian. When you see my pastor, she just looks like a light skinned black woman. Like me, her hair is scared of water...major shrinkage. But her brother has the flyyest "S" curl pattern. He's married to a black woman and their children have his hair exactly.

My pastor was teaching at bible study one night and told us that "seeing our differences in ethnicity and complexions and hair textures is fine....but we shouldn't be all wrapped up in it. I'm mixed with so much stuff I don't know what I am! Our true identities are in Christ. Look at all the different shades and races in here. Yet we all look alike because we have the same Father. What I'm mixed with doesn't matter. I'm a child of the Living God."

And why does society want so badly for mixed people to choose? Where I grew up, everyone stuck to the one-drop rule. But I find the mixes so beautiful and interesting. It's exciting to me to see what gene will dominate. I'm so into those details (complexion, eye color, facial features, hair color and texture) that I don't have the energy to get caught up in the one-drop rule...... So Claudia Jordan isn't black or white. She's Claudia Jordan.

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