Answers to your questions:

1. Yes, I've used bareMinerals for more than 10 years.

2. I think the quality of the products are excellent but no they aren't worth the price. But I'm willing to pay the price on select things in the line because of the quality. And I've used pretty much all the products except for their skin care line. I really like the matte foundation so that's one of the select things I'm willing to pay the 27 bucks for..

3. Yes, They will ATTEMPT to color match you in the store. But I highly advise against going with their opinion over you own. Why ? Because store lighting is not like natural lighting and 9 times out of ten probably not like the lighting in your home. Furthermore the sales consultants aren't usually real makeup artists..they are usually just trained people to work in that store and give you the answer they think or what they have been trained to say about women your skin tone. So I would seriously suggest going to looking at the SHADE FINDER there in the Bare Escentuals section. Look closely at the women there and choose a woman that is similiar or exactly your complexion. Write that color down and head to a store that sells bareMinerals. Then ask to see ALL the colors in that shade range. So let's say you find the woman wearing Medium Tan is your skin color..go to the store and ask to see the entire Tan family of bareMinerals. So that would be Medium Tan, Tan, Golden Tan, and Warm Tan. I'd also suggest to not wear makeup and actually test those colors on your skin then go out in natural light and see which one best matches you.

Some other things that you should know before purchasing bareMinerals foundation:

A.) It's not full coverage. Yes they claim it covers this and that and it does if you don't have too many skin issues to begin with...notice they always have models that have decent skin and the ones that have blemishes aren't that bad. It is buildable but it can look caky on the skin if you go to far with it. If you have acne scars or hyperpigmentation may not cover that without a heavy hand or using another concealer particularly if those blemishes are dark. They do have a concealer brush that helps to pack product on areas and it can work depending on what and how much you feel you need or wish to cover. A lot of people prefer to use their favorite concealer and then apply the bareMinerals.

B.) The Original bareMinerals foundation forumlation contains bismuth oxychloride. That ingredient causes many people with acne prone and sensitive skin irritation such as itching and/or cystic acne. If you have acne prone and/or sensitive skin..I'd suggest using their MATTE formulation which does NOT contain bismuth oxychloride.

C.) The Original bareMinerals foundation doesn't have a flat matte finish. It has a sheen to it that is often visible on tan and darker skin tones given lighter skin tones report it as well. The sheen comes from the bismuth oxychloride which is a white pigment that comes in 2 finishes diamond and pearl. And that is what gives the skin that sheen look when the bareMinerals original foundation is applied. It's touted as reflecting light and obscuring fine lines and wrinkles. A lot of people with oily skin report all it does is make them look even more oily and many people with fine lines and wrinkles say it seems to magnify their problem areas. Many people with super dry skin like it because it helps their skin not look so dry. So it comes down to preference.

D.) Many people report that the Matte bareMinerals foundation colors are darker than the Original bareMinerals foundation colors. The matte seems more concentrated or pigmented when applied to the skin. Many people believe it's because since the matte doesn't have the bismuth oxychloride in it..the pigmentation of the foundation itself is not as obscured as much. If you go to and click on EXPERIENCE, then click on FOUNDATION FINDER you will be able to read the undertone of each foundation color and that might be more helpful to you in picking out a color..but of course you'd have to know your particular undertone.

And finally..don't feel pigeon-holed because you have a certain skin complexion and think you can't wear anything in another color range family in bareMinerals other than you'd normally think you'd be.

Another great option:

Also having said much as I love bareMinerals there is another incredible option. A lot of people LOVE Meow Minerals. They have TONS of colors in foundations from very fair to very dark. And just ridiculous amount of colors in every other makeup product..beautiful rich pigmented color too! Plus their prices are much better than bareMinerals, they have excellent customer service, their products don't contain bismuth oxychloride at a all, and they have more finshes than bare minerals. Their products are very good quality too. Not only that..they are often having great sales and deals on fun colors and you can hardly find a real real good sale on bareMinerals unless you go on eBay or the Bare Escentuals website and then it's only some scraggly select stuff they seem like they are just trying to get rid of (I end up ordering mine on QVC or eBay in some sort of kit just so I can get a decent deal).... I would highly suggest getting on the Meow Cosmetics email list.

I use both lines.