I guess heat damage is possible, I mean at this point anything is possible, right? The only thing with that though is that ever since I've started growing out my hair from 1-inch length since the beginning of this year, Ive only used straightener twice. I have too many to always be plucking them out, I fear especially as I've had a hair-pulling problem before that resulted in a small bald spot (stress.) What I'd really like to know is if anyone who's had these found that they have the ability to become healthy looking hairs again? I mean I've basically only just started the no-poo regime (baking soda & ACV) literally with my first ACV rinse yesterday, and since I have sch short hair i will probably be easy for me to monitor. I'll post onto this thread if I notice a decrease in these hairs in the next few weeks/months/even days?
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Baking soda + ACV regime

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