I think I read somewhere that in order to drtangle the hair it must be done in the shower, under running water. How do you incorporate that as a tight coily?

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I don't think having tighly coiled hair affects whether you can detangle in the shower or not. After a weekly shampoo dc, I detangle with my fingers in the shower loaded with conditioner. I clip my hair in sections. Then I get out and later with my leave in detangle with a wide tooth comb. I do this because finger detangling doesn't get enough of my shed hairs out and I need a comb once a week or the shed hairs tangle with the rest and give me bad tangles and knots. I could do this in the shower but I don't like to leave my water running so long.
For my other cowashes during the week I only finger detangle. Or is I'm rebrading, retwisting I spritz and finger detangle.
it's about experimenting and finding what works for you. There was a thread in 4a asking people at what point do they detangle. A search should help you find it.
Yes, it's real. No, you can't touch it.