Hi I was hoping to get some help about how to help my bf transition to the CG method (I've never told him the name of the method. They should change it to the curly person method LOL.) He seems enthusiastic about it because he is so frustrated with his hair, but he's not the type to look through websites and forums, so I need advice about how to teach him about his hair. When he gets out of the shower he has really nice 3a I would guess curls. He dries it then COMBS OUT THE CURLS. So frustrating! Anyway, I have already bought him some co washes, conditioners and gels to try out and I'm going to give him a final sulfate wash and a DT today but I don't know what tips I should give him about styling. His hair is thick and about chin length. Unfortunately he recently got a bad cut where they thinned his hair with a razor and the layers are too short and they bunch up on the top of his head. His mom lovingly refers to it as a "Jerry Seinfeld mullet". Poor baby I'm not sure if he should scrunch or rake in product. I'm afraid he might think scrunching is girly and also that it might exaggerate the mushroom head. He really wants to grow his hair long because he is half Indian and it's important to him and his family. His hair texture normal or thick and I would say his density is either normal or high. His hair properties are so different than mine, so I am having trouble figuring this out. Any help would be greatly appreciated!
2b//high porosity//fine texture//medium density//low elasticity//loves protein
Lo-poo: SMMR, SMC&S
Clarifying: VO5 shampoos
Co-wash: VO5 conditioners
RO: VO5 conditioners
Styling: AIF, FSG, gelatin gel, ecostyler krystal
PT: IAGirl's gelatin treatment