Like Marah I use bare minerals and meow cosmetics. If you go to a bare minerals store or even the bare minerals counter in a department store, ask for samples of a few of the foundation shades (they can make you some sample containers that will hold 1-2 applications) and go home and apply and view them in various lighting situations. That's how I determined my color. When I initally went, they tried to tell me I was the color deepest deep....which was WAY to dark on 2-3 obvious shades too dark. They also suggested colors with the wrong undertone as well. When I matched myself I home, the golden dark was a PERFECT match.

Also, I find in the summer I have to mix two colors to match my skin because I get redder with sun exposure. So my summer color is a 2:1 mix of golden dark and medium deep.

When my bare minerals runs out, I'm switching over to Meow cosmetics exclusivly. They have a powder primer for oily skin that is AMAZING (just ordered a full size of it) and I LOVE thier eyeshadows! The prices are very reasonable and you get a LOT of product for the price. I'd suggest ordering a few samples from them (samples are $1 a bag but you get 3-4 applications per bag) and trying a few and see which brand you like better and then purchase full size products.

Good Luck!
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Oh's funny you mention this because I have been give a lot of serious thought to switching over exclusively to Meow as well. I like bareMinerals a lot but it still sort of bugs me that even though they have the matte foundation without the bismuth oxychloride pretty much the vast majority of their other stuff does still include the bismuth stuff in it. And I do notice some skin issues if I don't use a good enough primer or don't get the primer absolutely everywhere when I use the bareMinerals blushes and all over face colors. And sometimes my eyes feel a little issue with the shadows. So it would be nice to just have a mineral makeup line where I can use whatever they have and not have any issues or worries.

I never have any sort of skin reactions that I notice when I use Meow. And it's really just stupid for me to keep paying bareMinerals prices. Not to mention like you I have red undertones and super oily skin and Meow has products to remedy those issues for me.. it's just more sensible to go with Meow and start using the powder primer.
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Yes girl I'm going to make the switch! I like Meow and I really like that everything's bismuth free. While I don't have any skin issues or irratation from BE, my skin just feels better when I'm wearing Meow. It could all be in my head but I'm not sure. Also I LOVE the fact that she has a sale just about every month/holiday for at least 15% and most times 20%. BE prices are high...even if the jar lasts like forever and a day (seriously I purchased my foundation last summer and there is STILL about a 6 month suppy of the stuff left! Like you I order from QVC to get the super sized jars and cheaper prices and free promotional items.
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