This stuff, along with some other mineral makeup, is praised to the skies among some circles. Personally I hated it all, and it made my skin look WORSE, no matter what I did. Maybe it works for younger, oilier skin, but for those of us who are older with imperfections, it does nothing and actually accentuates them, like lines and pores. NO thanks.(holds bottle of liquid foundation in her cold little hands LOL).
I do agree though in general about getting a good color match - this applies to any kind of foundation. Even just a little bit off, and it makes one either look pasty, jaundiced, or dirty. Store lighting in general is just awful for getting a good match. I always step outside to see how it really looks, and also wait an hour since makeup does tend to oxidize a bit on the skin, shifting color a bit.
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I've heard a few people mention this. I'm oily but I have very enlarged pores on my cheeks and this doesn't make them appear any larger than any other foundation. As a matter of fact, i think it makes them look better because liqquid foundation just sinks in and causes me blackheads and white heads which ain't cute.

Now I will say in the winter time when my skin is drier, I have to use a mist of setting spray to prevent the "powdery" effect or I apply with a damp stippling brush (spray the stippling brush with a spritz of setting spray or rose water toner). I've also had great results mixing a bit of powder into my moisturizer to make a tinted moisturizer when my skin is dryer.

Color matching is most important...and most makeup artists are horrible at it. I can't tell you how many times I've left with make up too dark, wrong undertone, or too light for my complexion. I think its even harder for people to match AA women because they expect us all to have red undertones (when a good chunk don't or only have them seasonally) and I think its harder for other people to tell the varying "depths" to darker skin also. The assumption is the darker you are, the more red undertones you have (so all the makeup ends up having that red cakey look to it). I HATE that...
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