I agree with you both...I'm from Miami and crazy **** happens here on a daily basis, but this was pretty wild.

I'm not sure where people come up with the "zombie" stuff, though. It is mostly described as a type of cannibalism. As my husband said, the dude was so whacked out of his mind that he probably thought the other guy's face was a chocolate sundae or something.

I wonder if it could have been LSD. I've heard that it can raise your body temp to the point where you feel like you're on fire (think hot flashes multiplied). That could explain why he took his clothes off.

But yeah, drugs are bad. Somebody mentioned bath salts...the situation with bath salts is out of control in states like Maine.
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We have had an issue with bath salts and synthetic marijuana in NC. I have taken so many pitiful calls from 12, 13 years olds who have tried them and had heart palpitations, sleeping disorders and seizures. It's incredibly hard to not tear up when a little voice keeps telling you, "I won't do this anymore. I promise". Ugh! They are lucky though. 3 children in the area have died.

I would not doubt that whatever this is has LSD in it, but straight LSD... I don't know. We actually received information (and a heads up) from detectives about Molly. We are in the distribution path, and they told us just in time. We started getting calls the next week. That stuff is a mess. People were debating the exact compounds of this drug for awhile. It's a "designer drug", and IF (the possibilities are unfortunately endless) the same creator is responsible, I wish LEO in Florida all the luck in finding him/her/them.
When I hear terms like "hipster" I think, who told cliques they could leave high school??