heatherdawn, i am sorry but i just laughed and laughed when i saw the worst hair ever pic. its so far away! in all your other pics it is easy to make your head out, easy to see...this one is miniscule! and holy doodle did you get whacked off!!!

i have had my hair short before like that, on purpose. well...apart from the one time the hairdresser cut it .5 inches and shorter so it looked like i had wavy scars on my head, and the only to bits that were long-ish were these two tufts about 2 inches long that wisped out like bozo the clown pieces, only one was on one side of my forehead, the other on the opposing back corner. now that was the worst haircut ever that i had. so i have been there....growing it out from micr short. not something i want to do again in the near future.

to do my hair easily, it either has to be super short, or on the longer side. the in between stuff is a nightmare as my hair just gets its own mind of what to do, no matter how much i blast it with heat and product. the large majority of my haircuts have been bad, until i came to terms with the curls, and learned how to work with them about 16 months ago. cg really does work for me, with the odd shampoo using a non sulfate/sulfite (do i have the terms right?) shampoo. if i straighten it, i use a conditioner that has silicone in it, simply for the slip properties. and its so rare that i straighten, it really doesnt bother my hair texture...just takes a few days to perk up again.

ok, i am babbling **grins** thank you for sharing your horrid haircut story and pictures!