I don't think you're being unreasonable It's common courtesy and not at all unreasonable to expect to be treated with common courtesy when acting in a like manner.

I think you have to change your settings to have a read receipt returned to you when your PM's are read. I need to do the same, come to think of it I would like to know when my PMs are read too, since I hate having people contact me about products and then drop off the face of the earth. I guess their mommas never taught them manners.
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Thanks for your help Auntie Bibbs! I'll report back on how this ends up, good or bad.
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Okay, reporting back! The swap turned out well. I received my package today. It was in my mail box, sent parcel post and even had a tracking number. She actually sent it out the day after I sent mine. I did mine priority mail, she did her's parcel (which is fine). The communication would have made this an excellent swap. Anyway, her word is good.
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