I agree - Nick on "What Not To Wear" is one of the very few stylists I've seen who will work with curly hair, rather than against it. I think it may be because he's a curly himself. Makeover shows need more like him - and so do salons. I've given up on finding a stylist who knows how to style my hair curly. When I get a cut, I either leave with my hair wet or let them do a blowout. Whenever someone has tried to make me curly, it's, well, not pretty.
I COMPLETELY agree..... I never let the stylist style my hair anymore. My latest stylist doesn't even have a diffuser! So I just leave with it damp. I've never had a stylist who could work with curly hair. This gal I have now does great color and a decent trim, so I'll just take care of the styling and drying myself, thank you! LOL :-D
"Time may be a great healer, but it's a lousy beautician"