I'm bored so I spent way too much time comparing every inch, position, model, lighting, undergarments. To me it's the same shirt. I rarely like loose knit things but I actually kind of like this one.
Some of my favorite tops and panties are from VS. I have some long sleeve jersey tees from them that are years old and so soft and nice. Love them. But some of their stuff is certainly crap, especially their acrylic sweaters.
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I love their panties, some of the hoodies by Pink, their makeup and perfumes (Heavenly and Bombshell).

The bras are kind of hit or miss. I own one really cute top I bought at the VS store.

But I've never actually ordered anything from them online, unless you count this dress my mom ordered for my birthday several years ago.

It looked so hot in the catalog...I had to order it in the smallest size possible because I'm petite and I was very skinny then. Unfortunately, when it finally arrived and I tried it on, I was disappointed. The material was weird and it simply billowed out on my body.

I really want to try their bikinis and their halter tops and maybe even some of the shoes, but I'm kind of apprehensive.