Tyra calling cyrly hair a "mop" is definitely unacceptable. I don't care if she has issues with her hair. She needs to deal with them, instead of taking them out on other people.
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I COMPLETELY agree here too. I was frankly quite surprised, here she will delve deep into all these personal issues, usually concerning looks and insecurities, yet she sits there with obvious fake hair.... with all her money I'd think she could afford better weaves, etc (tho I do like her curly looks)

that would make a great show for her....she should do a hair show and have women with all kinds of hair issues, and teach them how to work with what they've got instead of 'changing' it to meet societys standards. She could have Nick from what not to wear as the main stylist who teaches what not to do to curly hair!

Does anyone watch that show "The Soup" on the E Network? Its a show that spoofs on tv shows and hollywood mishaps....tyra is a constant spoof item: they always make fun of her for being so self absorbed. Its true! Anyway its a funny show and I will still watch tyra from time to time.... and if Nick from what not to wear ever wants to do his own show, I'll be his biggest fan! :-)
"Time may be a great healer, but it's a lousy beautician"