White people are robbed, severely beaten and killed every day by blacks just because they're white. Black people are killed every day by other blacks. Both of these have a MUCH higher rate of incidence than whites killing blacks ALLEGEDLY because they were black (ie Zimmerman/Martin). The latter is extraordinarily rare.

You can't really get angry with what I said, because it is 100% true. I don't feel comfortable with the perpetuation of the idea that there are a bunch white skinned "black hunters" out there. It is a very dangerous manipulative tool used by certain politicians these days to garner votes and self-aggrandize and it is a sin.
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I'm going to pretend that your ramblings are not insane for a minute and reply to this as if it were a legitimate argument. (BTW, you do understand that there's a difference between the number of times that things occur and the rates in which they occur, right? Oh, never mind, never mind! I said I was going to pretend that your arguments are sound!)

Okay, so you're right, and black-on-white-crime as well as black-on-black crime occur at a much greater RATE than white-on-black crime. Do you know that the justice system's responses to those crimes are completely different? Look at Texas, for example. The state with the biggest death penalty fetish in the world has yet to manage to execute a white person who murdered a black person. Plenty of black murderers with victims of all races have been executed; white murderers with white victims have been executed. But not a single white murderer with a black victim has been executed in Texas. And the nationwide statistics on the death penalty are pretty glaring as well.

Over 75% of the murder victims in cases
resulting in an execution were white, even
though nationally only 50% of murder victims
generally are white.
And that's the death penalty. Imagine what the numbers are for overall indictments and convictions. THAT was the issue with Zimmerman, which got derailed by people desperate to prove that race wasn't a factor in Zimmerman's actions. Forget Zimmerman's motivations...an unarmed minor who was committing no crime was shot to death, and the man who confessed to shooting him wasn't immediately arrested. The same thing would not have happened if the either the victim were white or the murderer were black. Hell, a women was arrested, charged, convicted, and sentences to 20 years for firing a warning shot to get her abusive husband to back off. Where did this happen? In Florida. What was the race of this "criminal?" Why don't you try to guess? Stand Your Ground my ass.

I know this won't make a bit of difference to you, but what the hell, I have time to kill tonight. Enjoy the mental gymnastics.
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I agree with all of this, except where you stated that not a single white murderer of a black person has been executed in Texas.

Russell Brewer, one of the men who killed James Byrd in Jasper, Texas, was executed recently. Byrd was black and his 3 killers were white. They chained him to a pickup truck and dragged him until his head was severed from his body.

I'm not sure why only Brewer was executed, though...the other two men should be executed as well, IMO.