I agree that there is less value on the lives of blacks in general. But I just can't stretch that to mean that in this situation that this particular man shot this particular kid simply because he was black..and that he wouldn't if the kid was white.

I just don't have enough to go on to suggest it. And I certainly wouldn't like it if someone white (or other) was suggesting that a black person committed a crime simply because they are black or that a black person killed a white simply because they are white with no evidence..besides a gut feeling as if that's just what black folks do.

But I certainly understand your frustration and sentiments.
Originally Posted by *Marah*
No, the story doesn't state that this man killed this boy because of his race in a direct manner. But given how little black life is valued, it's not hard for me to add 2+2. I wish it were otherwise, really I do. But I can't ignore history.
Originally Posted by LadyV69
Like I said I do get the sentiment. But for me what you are conveying... it's just too similiar as suggesting that every time a white person does something and a black is involved then it's simply because the white person is a racist. There is tons of bad history between blacks and whites in this country.. that doesn't automatically implicate every white person as guilty of being racist. So I'm not ready to make that leap because I don't like it when white folks and others do it to people of color. Frankly, it's beyond insulting.

But as a person of color..yes I realize certain white folks can be a trip when it comes to race.. but so can certain black folks and anyone else.
Originally Posted by *Marah*
Yep, Marah...I have to agree with you. But the OP's diatribe on "how many blacks kill whites" was just annoying and irrelevant. Plus, it was said to incite a certain response, and it did. "Sit down and BE QUIET" (edited for mods) works for me. So yeah, with all that, they still need to go somewhere and sit down. Cuz you best believe the scales of justice do not weigh in our favor.

I remember an instance when an elderly man shot and killed a 15 year old boy (both black), because the boy kept playing on his lawn, after repeated requests to stop. EVERYBODY speculated "why" it happened. But I know kids OFTEN like to taunt elderly people (and they often develop an attitude of contempt from their parents, and older siblings), and once an elderly neighbor gets the "crazy ole' man/woman" label, they're often the object of intense ridicule/disrespect.

I've seen some young people mouth off at elderly people, and some of them ain't havin' it. Some grow weary with life, and they have other issues going on - declining health, family desertion, etc. and they lash out, and sometimes somebody ends up dead. That's unfortunate, but that's life...and death. So, there are lessons to be learned, all around. Depending on where this elderly man lives (the racial makeup of the neighborhood), he may have been doing some very simple math. Some whites live in predominately black neighborhoods (because they're too poor or too old to escape), so if there are break-ins in the area, it's quite logical to assume somebody black is guilty...and that's usually the case. That's just the truth. Now, that doesn't mean you just go randomly shootin' folks.

Now, I'm not saying this is the case, in this case...because I wasn't there, and I don't know the history (if there is history). I'll wait to hear more, before I jump to a "He killed him cuz he was black!" conclusion.
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