I would love to see what products others with these properties are using along with favorite combos, techniques, etc.! I realize it also depends on where you live, weather, etc. I've tried reading other curlies/waveys signatures to see who has similar properties but it can get overwhelming!!! I though it might be nice to have a thread where we could share this information. thank you in advance!!!

I will start first. I live in a dry climate where the average dew point is in the 30's year round, so I've recently tried using products without glycerin or where the glycerin is not high in the ingredients list and liking the results.

shampoo bars
Co-wash with suave or other conditioners
CJ daily fix
Shampoo+coconut or babssu oil (jessicurl, KC come clean shampoo)
Mastey Traite cream shampoo
DevaCurl NoPoo
DevaCurl LowPoo
DevaCurl Decadence No Poo
Darcy's botanicals cleansing conditioner
Sevi Organics pumpkin shampoo
Kinky curly come clean
EMB shampoo
Shea Moisture (various)

Conditioners: (use as rinse outs, DT and/or leave in)
GVP conditioning balm (LOVE)
Suave (variety)
Darcy's botanicals pumpkin seed conditioner (LOVE)
Tresseme naturals (moisture)
Cure care
Regis design olive oil conditioner
Kenra Moisturizing
Giovanni 50/50
Giovanni Smooth as Silk
Sevi Organics pumpkin conditioner
Elucence moisture balance
DevaCurl Decadence One Condition
MopTop daily Conditioner/Fuzzy Duck
Innersense Color Radiance
Shea Moisture (various)
CHS treatment shampoo

Any conditioner or deep treatment
Eluecence moisture balance
Md red clover leave in
Briogeo Curl charisma leave in
Curly kinks satin roots leave in
SM curly hair milk
Oyin honey hemp
Oyin hair dew
Giovanni direct leave in
CHS Slip detangler
Kinky curly knot today
As I am leave in
Curl Junkie Beauticurls Leave in
MopTop bamboo leave in
Andalou naturals

JC deep treatment
CJ rehab
CJ H&B deep fix
CJ Curl Fix
SS deep treatment
Sevi DT pumpkin seed

Marie dean curl style cream
Shea moisture curl enhancing smoothie
Mop C curl defining cream
Original Moxie Shape Shifter
Curl Junkie CCCC
AG Re:coil
Deva Supercream/styling cream

AOMM (discontinued?)
Curls gel-les'C <3
Curly kinks coil jam
Aussie instant freeze
BB's Mudd and fsg
CJ Curl Queen
MopTop Anti frizz gel (med hold)
Fuzzy Duck
CHS Curlkeeper <3
CJ pattern Pusha
Camille rose naturals curl maker
Mop Top custard
Original Moxie Hold Up Serum
MGA sculpting gel
DevaCurl B'Leave in
Volumax gel

Coconut oil
Camellia oil
EO's serum
Babssu oil (currently experimenting with..so far, so good)
Mineral oil (plain J&J baby oil)
Argan oil (100%) <3 (applevalleynaturals..LOVE THIS)
Sweet almond

Original moxie Bling
Original moxie Emollience
JCS nourish and shine
Nightblooming panacea/freya (etsy)

These are products that I currently use or have used successfully in the past. I love to experiment! I don't have any problems or issues with build up or proteins, etc. I really need to and would like to narrow down my favorites to a few in each category ....maybe soon.

My successful combo;
Cleanse/condition...Leave-in conditioner + 8 drops of oil + cream OR mousse (filler)+ Gel OR custard (sealer)+ quarter size puddle of OM Hold up Serum OR BRHG (extra hold and shine)= fabulous defined, shiny, hair for 3 days or more (if I dare )

Having wonderful results/success with the MAP method (ScottMusgrave)

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