I like the SPF Mineral Veil because it's bismuth free...the original and the hydrating both have bismuth (but i use the tinted hydrating MV in the winter). I use the SPF MV in the summer and make a MV "sandwich" where I apply MV, foundation,MV (in the winter I use the hydrating MV as the last one and the SPF as the first one). The inital application of MV helps keep my oily skin matte a bit longer that just doing the traditional foundation + MV. I haven't noticed the pale thing you mentioned...but then again I use the tinted MV.

As far as Meow, they make a finishing powder called "top cat" that is the equivalent of the MV, but it is translucent (it looks like white powder but goes on clear). I've tried a sample of it but I prefer the tinted SPF MV so I'll most likely keep using that. Meow has something like 86 different foundation shades in about 10 different undertones so they have WAY more shades than bare minerals but only 1 top cat b/c its supposed to be universal since it goes on clear. They also have 3 finishes to the makeup (I think the main difference is the opacity/coverage) and all the makeup is bismuth free. The sizes are 2x bare minerals AND they are cheaper. You should try a few samples and see what you like.
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