I really like BE Mineral Veil. The original one. I've used it for years. Decided to give the SPF MV a try. I don't like it. It breaks up on my skin and makes me look too pale. I will prob use it up through summer and not repurchase. I will go back to original MV.

But with the mentions of Meow, do they make the equivalent of BE Original MV? Or are there a ton of choices, as with the foundation shades/finishes?
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Yeah.. I like the BE Original Mineral Veil too. BTW NCC, the Original Mineral Veil doesn't have bismuth oxychloride in it anymore..it removed that and the parabens it initally contained. I wasn't nuts about the one with the bismuth and parabens that they initally had..but now they make the Original BE MV with Zea Mays (cornstarch) and no parabens. It works better for me but I feel like it's not worth the $20.

I like Meow's Primp and Preen Top Cat better. I think the silk in it helps absorb the oil longer for me. And I have disgustingly oily skin. Now it does make my makeup a little paler even though I know it's supposed to be clear..or whatever. Doesn't annoy me though and it doesn't make my makeup look strange..just a teeny bit lighter. Sure helps keep my "face" on longer though and well the price is much better than BE. Top Cat is $16.25.

Another one I really really like is actually by Everyday Minerals called Sunlight Finishing Dust. It has Zea Mays (cornstarch), Ribes Nigrum (black currant) in it. It really works well to control my shine for many hours. I'd say this is better than the bareMinerals Mineral Veil and comparable to the lasting performance of the Meow Top Cat. It wins on price over BE and Meow because it's

If you have dry or normal skin.. Meow makes this stuff called Equilibrium Balancing Powder. It's supposed to help balance the moisture properties in the skin. So that might be something you'd like to sample. The price for the full jar is $13.95.