Marah ---- words I never thought I'd write: I agree with you on all points.

I hope that whatever it turns out to be, justice is fairly served in this and all cases. Skin color should not be a determinant of guilt or innocence: actions should. That they aren't is our country's greatest failing (imo).
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I've stumbled upon the twilight zone. Ninjadog er claudine19 and Marah agreeing. Who'd a thunk it?
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I personally don't see the big deal. I don't think everything she's ever said is absolute trash..I've never said that nor implied it. We simply do not care for one another for various reasons. I'm okay with that fact. Not everyone is going to like everyone.

I think she and I agree on some things just like any other people that just don't care for eachother. I'm sure she doesn't think murder, rape, incest, and stealing are acceptable..well nor do I. So more stuff we agree on. I just think when people don't like eachother its easier to act like you can't stand anything they say or be reluctant to give them any sort of kudos if you do agree. Hopefully, some minds have evolved on that front...

What's more of a twilight zone phenomenon in my opinion is if NEA and I don't agree.. then that's something to ponder. LOL! But it happens..rarely, but it happens.

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