I think if the child was white, he would not have shot him. I think there is a lesser value on blacks, therefore he was quicker on the draw.
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I think you are using your own life experience to imagine what happened for the murderer. I'm sad things have been this way for you that you have to assume the murder was also an assault on your race. It's making an already tragic incident even more tragic, for reasons that are not proven.

You don't know, nor will you ever know, if he had it out for black kids only. I can imagine that a man dying of cancer is going to be very angry with anyone who he thinks may have broken into his home. If his neighbor was a white kid, I think he would have shot him too-- but that is my imagination telling me this, as I have seen many instances of white people killing white children for all kinds of reasons. I've also seen people who are very sick do things very outside of their nature. My guess is just as valid as yours.. it is only an opinion based on my own personal experience in life, just like yours is.

How can anyone know the truth if they are not the person in question? Maybe we will find out that the old man had a journal full of entries of how much he hates blacks, or how much he just wants to murder a 13 year old boy. Then we might know the truth. But to decide what happened without any kind of evidence is not logical.

I do notice there are a lot of posts indicating the natural assumption that it had to be race related. How very sad for all of you that you live in a place where it probably is so common that you would have to assume this. It's not like this where I'm from, so using evidence and facts are how we do things here. I just want to state, however, that I feel the insistence that it is a race inspired murder without any kind of evidence, does feel like racism against whites to me.

My sincere heartfelt condolences to the family of that murdered boy. It is so very tragic when sick people think it's okay to be judge jury and executioner. So tragic for everyone.
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I don't mean this to be disrespectful but I have a difficult time accepting that Trenell's position is what it is..is because she's projecting.

I mean (and with all due respect to you Trenell)..but she's married to a white guy for pete's sake. If she was all that uptight about white folks and she had it so bad with them..it would be real nuts for her to be married to one and have a child with him.

I mean you do see that huge picture of her, her white husband, and her mixed race child in her siggy..right ?

Okay..can I just say reading that back sounds CRAZY..but yall get my point.

I think this is a little deeper than she has some bad experiences with white folks....