I completely understand where your coming from. But I am mixed my mom is a dark skin african american women ,my father is a caucasian. which is less common tipically its a white women and black man that make mix babys. but due to my skin color people assume im a light skin black girl or i must be haspanic. My parents are devorced my mom is now w/ a black man && my dad is re-married to a white women. so whether im w/ my mom or my dad either way me and my sister look like we dnt belong. So I deal w/ race questions just about every day. so It could be worst... But mixing diffrent races is something that world is not use to. but enjoy your curls there what makes you ,you. I have a friend that is 100% white w/ long tighly curled hair so your not the only one in this world that get asked there somthing that there not.