That's a lot growth for two years and looking at your routine I wouldn't change a thing! Do you have any pics of hair styles or looks you want to try?
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No, I don't have any ideas for what to do. I want to wear my hair to look my age and not look like I'm trying to
stay in my teens....

And it seems most older guys my age cut all their hair off which is how I used to wear it shaved every week when I was a kid and continued shaving it bald up to about age 29.

Most times now I just wear it up in a curly ponytail or a bun cause I don't see any styles that I can immulate.

I usually set trends but I'm much older now and I didn't realize it would grow this fast so I need to take a week or month to really examine my hair and create a new and contemporary curly guy style for mature men LOLx

Just a guy with long curly hair