I think there's a difference between pure "entertainment" and satisfying curiosity and learning about the world. If we didn't try to learn about stuff by observing things, we'd just make up our own baseless stories to explain the natural world...and that's getting into a whole nother topic.

Just because you're not studying the oddities as a physician doesn't mean you're not learning all kinds of things about the human body and the world when watching these kinds of shows.

Has anyone else been to the Mutter Museum in Philadelphia? It's amazing.
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Whew, OK, I feel better now! LOL
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LOL. It's like, YAY! I'm not a jerk! For me it's also about learning. I went to court reporting school because it was the fastest track to get me off welfare, but I really wanted to be a nurse. About 6 years ago I took all the prerequisites for nursing school and applied and got accepted. But that was the year the economy went south and I couldn't get student loans... they were just flat out refusing. And my credit was okay! So I watch all these medical shows and read all these medical books just for the heck of it.
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I'd like to have been a dermatologist or a microbiologist, but I know I don't have the drive for med school, let alone the pre-med courses I'd need, not to mention the loan situation. And I honestly doubt I could function on the sleep schedule doctors are forced to keep during residency.

But my interest remains intact; watching programs like this is vicarious training, for me.

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