okay, it was 40 minutes on the bus and only 15 minutes at the university, but it was cooler than watching on tv and on the web, that`s for sure! it cleared up completely, which is when i decided to go.

in the observatory, they used the big telescope to project the image on the wall. out in a field across the street, they had eclipse-viewing glasses you could borrow to watch and other smaller telescopes with special filters set up so you could see. there were a LOT of people there with their kids, so you didn`t get much time... but it was still neat.

if you get the NASA television channel, they are showing coverage. the darn thing is going slowly, so you can`t really see it move, and they have a lot of talking heads discussing the astronomy of the whole thing, but they will be showing the feed from Mauna Kea in Hawaii, so you still have time.

it`s funny to see people on tv and you know they`re in Hawaii and they`re wearing parkas, hats and mitts. i had no idea Mauna Kea was that tall.

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