I haven't gone to a salonist in years. The reason was because of one very terrible experience that has left me with a phobia of salonists in general. But I'll list the problems/commentary from it.

1.) They were obviously afraid of my hair. I walked in and their mouths dropped. Kid you not. Still, instead of suggesting some other place, they had me meet with someone.

2.) I told the woman the one thing i knew at the time about curly hair: You should probably cut it dry. She nodded in agreement and then stated she thought she could do it wet just fine. She proceeds to cut off 3 inches wet.

3.) As she is cutting my hair she tells me that she has never done "ethnic" hair before (I should've ran)

4.) She starts listing off random facts about black hair that I think was meant to assure her and even pulled out a book about black up-do's. I'm biracial. My hair is solidly 3b/c and with a texture much like my white, fine/soft-haired mother (standing next to me) than what she was talking about (which was more 4 type).

5.) Mainly she kept muttering stuff about curly hair loving moisture and kept dumping heavy product meant for a very different texture and type of curl.

There were other bad moments with this salonist, but they don't apply.
By the end my up-do didn't look bad (miraculously) but it was as hard as a titanium shell. I slept on it bare and not one hair moved on my head. The real shock was when I took it out. My hair, which had once reached to my cheast was now halfway up my neck. I still remember staring, looking to see if I'd missed a bobby pin that would miraculously restore my mane.