I’ve been natural for quite a while now, but the main reason I went was because I realized the relaxers were damaging my hair worse each time I used it. I never wanted my hair full straight, just long, so I’d purposely sabotage the relaxing afterward to leave some curl left in my hair. I’m really low key when it comes to taking care of my hair…so this do-it-yourself mess that I went through to get some length while burn my scalp and frying my ends started to just not be worth it. I don’t remember why I decided to stop, I was just sick of it.
The hardest part was, by far, letting it go back to “normal.” I wasn’t used to seeing my hair that curly and the ends remained fried. I couldn’t trim my hair for a long time because I wasn’t willing to do the big cut without a good amount of length already established. Cutting it really meant stages of cuts over time. It also took a while to learn what did and did not help my hair. For example, mousse. At first it makes my hair look great. But soon it’ll make my hair frizz. I had to live with “short” hair for a long while (short being just above my shoulders). And the fact that the back of my hair is curlier that the front…which made it trickier to cut or style
But I love the surprises that came with it. Like the first time I tried a deep conditioning recipe and learned that when moisturized and wet my hair would bounce when I jumped. The compliments increase dramatically. Turns out sabotaged relaxed hair comes out stringy looking on my head. My hair now looked fuller and healthier. It was softer and vibrant to the very ends. My hair needed less product to make this happen. And when I finally cut my last dead ends, my hair grew FAST. It’s now an inch below my collar bone and I hope to get it to just below my chest.