I hope there isn't a thread like this already, but I was wondering if anyone wanted to share there most embarrassing moments (: I'll start...

During my Sophmore year in high school everyone had to take a "team building" class during P.E. We would play games to help us 'trust' our classmates. So, one day we did the trust fall. But, this trust fall was on some Gymnastics blocks, so it was like 6 ft. high. We had to stand on the block while two people held our ankles and fall into the arms of six other people. I was the first one to volunteer and when I did this I guess the two people holding my ankles were holding on too tight to my pants. Because, when I fell my pants AND underwear came off -___- and I fell straight to the ground (on a mat). I heard a few people laughing in my class too :P. Ughhh. Then my teacher made me do it again, because they didn't catch me, but they caught him (a 250 lb guy). So, the girl holding me said, "Keep your pants on." (WTH?! She's the one who helped pull them off
.) And they caught me, but when they let me go it was head first .

And, I have a lot more haha. Anyone else want to share?