When I say, "Batty Girl! Who's the Batty Girl? Where's the Batty Girl? There's the Batty Girl!" to my cat Bastet when she's up on a shelf or on top of the fridge —*she must be eye level or above — she wiggles her head and body manically and then throws herself down and lolls around, showing her belly and crying out with pure joy.

Any time I create a lap, Batty is on it like white on rice. She's on it right now!

My cat Wee One fetches her toys like a dog. She gets very excited about it.

Wee One also likes to hang out on the tops of doors. She actually chased her tail up on one yesterday. She's a daredevil.

I've mentioned this one before, but Bobo bats his toys around and "catches" them, then carries them around in his mouth and caterwauls and makes guttural noises. Sometimes it sounds like he's saying SO's name and it always makes us giggle. Wee One emulates him sometimes when she fetches her toys, hanging out in the bathroom with them for extended periods, crying out in her high pitched meow.

My foster Eleanor gives love bites on people's fingers, noses, etc., in bed at night or in the morning. It's not to any end, she's fed and watered and content. She's just showing affection.