OMG the drama! Being VP of the band boosters and all the members' drama is getting crazy! (And ironically, we're band and choir boosters, not drama! LOL )

People volunteer their time and sweat to fundraise for the kids to go to music festivals, etc. Then the board wants to spend the money on a thank you gift for the teacher ($200 - really?!) and another for the retiring President ($100!) and another on a thank you pizza party for all the volunteers (up to $700 but we don't expect that many anyway, so we're hoping it's low).

So potentially $1000 of hard-earned money being blown. I'd rather it stayed in the account for next year's trips, etc. But NO! They want to blow it all, leaving a small amount in reserve. FINE! But my family won't be busting our butts to earn back that money for next year.

And this is why I stepped down from being VP after the Pres stepped down. I'm staying on the board as Publicity Chair, an easier position, but keeping my foot in the door to turn these heads around!

Had to vent so I don't blow it at tonight's pizza party.

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