I'm a hell yeah! I just turned 40 and for the first time in my life (the past 1-1/2 years) I've worn my curls natural. It is truly liberating! It took a lot of experimenting with products and methods but going no-poo is what inspired me to start on this journey. It is truly a revolutionary concept. I didn't poo for about a year but now use shampoo about 1 every couple of weeks when I deep condition. My hair has never been healthier or longer. I used to beat the crap out of my hair with curling irons and blow dryers and massive amounts of product - it looked like it too, I'm sure - and now it's much simplier and straightforward. Very beautiful and sexy. I DEFINITELY use A LOT of conditioner on my hair (even going no/low poo) including condition on the ends daily when I wet it down as well as leave-in and I have fine, corkscrew hair. Tried the cheap products but my experience has proven that it's worth spending the extra money on salon products - honest I tried to go cheap!
3B - 3C - using CG routine as of 1/3/04