Also, deep vs. dark (ie makeup tones and bronzer)? Someone explain?
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you mean like in the mineralize skin finish? If I remember correctly the naming nomenclature goes something like this...
1. skin tone (light, medium, dark)
2. depth of skin tone (plus, dark, deep)
NOTE: not every skintone has every depth range (does that make sense?)

So from lightest to darkest shade you would have: Light, light plus, medium, medium plus, medium dark, medium deep, deep, deep dark, deepest deep

I'm a deep dark in the MSF natural. I used it as a light powder foundation in the summer and its a really good match. Its sheer enough that it will match a wide range of people.
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Funny you mention mineralize skinfinish - I just discovered the shade Sun Power and love it. I am using it as a bronzer/contour this summer. Still looking for a darker, less ruddy bronzer for myself. The darker you get, the ruddier. I have been through many a matte bronzer in the last year. I pass off the ones I don't like to my sister and mother. I don't think they have bought any bronzer in a year lol.
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