my cats love visitors, too!

I forgot to add that if you come to visit Linus will INSIST on smelling your breath.
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That's how horses introduce themselves, but Tucson is insistent, too. He blows in your face until you back away or blow in his nostrils. He loves when people introduce themselves to him, but if they won't pretty much won't have anything to do with them.

Tucson has recently decided he likes to smell my knees. I think it's because riding pants have patches at the knees and some of mine are leather, some are other materials - but I am more likely to sweat on them so it smells more like me? Andy has started to notice that my knees smell like my horse, so when I come in the house she smells my knees to see if I've been riding.

Cocoa was always funny because she wouldn't make eye contact with me or ask for attention from me. Anyone else she would pester until she drove them crazy asking for attention, but with me she would sit close enough for me to reach her looking away in pure submission. I don't think I ever really had to correct her for anything when I got her, but she just decided I was the boss from the start, which was funny because she had a very dominant personality.

Andy will not play fetch. At least not if she's the one doing the fetching. She used to play with Cocoa by taking the ball in her mouth and tossing it and letting Cocoa fetch. She also used to hide Austin's toys, run back into the tv room and bark at him, then follow to make sure he looked in the right place to find them.

Will Feral is a super sound sleeper and since he's a kitten still needs more sleep, so if Trouble goes away while he's asleep he runs out with a super loud crying "MEOW!" to try to get attention or a response from her. If I'm in the barn and he finds me there while waiting for her, he is all over me for attention, despite his normal insistence that he's wild at all times besides when hungry.

Tucson used to always be interested in whatever humans had. He loved sharing frou frou coffee drinks with me, loved sharing other people's soda, whatever. Then one day he tried chai. After that he smelled drinks and refused anything else. I have shared Starbucks with him while he's been at my trainer's because the closest one to my house is 15 or so miles so I don't usually go! He remembers his routine - he tips the cup up to see if any will pour out into his mouth, then hands it back to me to hold, and he methodically licks around the edge as far down as he can get, bites the cup until he tears it down (I usually help here since I'd rather he not eat paper cups), then licks again until he is at the bottom and finishes it.
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Your horsey is funny!

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