Initially I wasn't going to post anything on this mishap because I absolutely loved the product. It truly is the best! But, since I created a " pretty bad experience" with my lack of "common sense" I felt the need to post.

True, I am a very new member to site. I don't post very much because I read what I search for, apply, move on. (now that i found the app I'll post more) Anywhoo, once I stated I wanted the product I payed before I was even committed to the product purchase soley because I knew that I've had previous issues with people charging my PayPal so it has a restriction block where all charges have to be authorized by me. This has occurred once before where I pay and the bank kicks it back until I approve it. This happened this time as well with a transaction with Auntie Bubbs and KathyMack<--whom handled the mishap with ease I'll give her the excellent review that she deserves later.

My main issue arose from the accusations when it only took me a DAY to reply. I do understand that you're taking a leap of faith to sell to a new member. But, believe it or not everyone was once a new member. Do not verbally attack a person's credibility just because they didn't see the notification of your PM especially because it wasn't within a 6hr time span. I have a life and it most certainly doesn't revolve around a forum.

As stated before I love the product. Delivery time was excellent but although I'm younger than you. You have some maturing to do as a seller. I'm not saying trust the world but customer service goes a long way, and delivery of messages are the key to it all. It could of went a total different way with someone with a short temper. Woosah, the world isn't out to get you especially not for 10 bucks.


that being said *can anyone direct me to a way to make my own flaxseed gel?
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stil figuring out my staples

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