WTH is wrong with my family????!!? Are you serious?? I'm sorry you sad, lazy, mofo's decided not to do anything with your life but go to jail, do drugs, or get knocked up by losers, but I am not your momma! and is not my job to bail you out. Having a college degree does not equal RICH!! for most it equals in debt up to your eyeballs paying off student loans.

Sorry ya'll are too stupid to not know this!! Seriously! Go away and pretend you dont know me!!!

I really needed to vent.
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Sorry, Thelio. I can sympathize. Some people in my family are the same way. I've had to seriously distance myself for my sanity.
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Thanks yall!

But I'm really considering "disappearing". I move in Sept. So I'm thinking of telling everyone except my dad and my sister I'm moving out of state. I'll still be in dc, but they wont know that.

Its just so frustrating that these people, (I cant even call them family right now), have the audacity to ask me for money. 1. cousin text me for rent money. every month she needs rent money. how is this even possible? i can see being short once a month, but 5 months in a row?!?!?! This is the same cousin who went to Jamaica, comes back and a week later was evicted. Why? because instead of paying rent for the pass few months she decided to spend it on a vacation "because she needed one" yeah and your kids dont need a roof over there heads. then her mom co-signed for her in a place she could easily afford. but then her sister (who is more responsible and makes more money) decides to move to a more expensive place. My dear sweet cousin breaks her lease to follow sis, now her mom is being sued by the apartments adn she cant make rent. 2. within the hour my uncle calls to tell me the family is trying to get together $5000 for a downpayment for a lawyer so my cousin can repeal his conviction (he's guilty by the way, but the life sentence +20 was a little harsh). I truly wanted to cry. Mainly because, while I was in college no one offered to help me. After I lossed everything due to Hurricane Katrina, and they knew this, no one said, "lets send her a gift card to walmart, a bar of soap, a pack of underwear, a toothbrush, anything!!" I got nothing! When my parents fell on hard times and was evicted no one offered any help! Every last one of my mom's relatives have lived with us! everyone!!! you know on the cosby show how rudy never got her own room cause someone was always moving in? that was me! For a period of time I moved out! I was 14!! but as long as they have somewhere to go its all good. no thank you no nothing!

When i graduated my roommate's aunt and uncle bought my a real pearl branclet. When my mom saw it I could tell she was hurt, because her family didnt even get me a card. another cousin graduated from high school the saem year and one of my aunts give him a card with money in it. my mom assumed she would do the same for me and my sister who also graduated from high school the same year. we got nothing!

I'm done!!