Great topic! I'm new to CG, just got my hair properties and am still trying to sort out which products my hair loves, which it hates, and in what combinations. Here's what I've got in my stash so far:

Low Poo: Jessicurl Gentle Cleanser, Burt's Bees More Moisture with Jojoba
RO: Jessicurl Aloeba, Burt's Bees More Moisture with Jojoba
LI: JC Aloeoba, JC TooShea!, CJ Beauticurls Leave In
Stylers: JC Gelebration Spray, Confident Coils, CJ Pattern Pusha, Zotos Pure Elements Alcohol Free Medium Hold Gel
Testing: JC Rockin Ringlets

Trying to decide if CO-washing will work for me, and have used the BBMM for that a couple of times. Still looking for a frizz killer...I live in hot, humid Houston, Texas and don't know what will work here.

Tried a couple of curl refreshers (JC Awe Inspiraling, Deva Mist-er Right) and hated the waxy sticky feeling I got from them.
2C/2B; Med-fine texture, Normal porosity/elasticity, med-thin density; Color treated
Cleanse: Jessicurl GLS, L'Oreal EverCreme cleansing conditioner
Co-Wash: SNES, VO5 Kiwi Lime
RO/LI: Jessicurl Aloeba and TooShea!, KCKT, GVPCB
Stylers: KCCC (HG!), SM C&S Milk, BRHG, Jessicurl Gelebration Spray, Confident Coils
CG since 4/23/12
Located in Houston, Texas

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