NO damn contest. I love Tresemme but it cant compare to the Daily Smoothing Conditioner. The tresemme is very nice but not as rich as the Daily. Its just expensive.
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Interesting..Even though I have tried the lotion I'm now curious about the conditioner.
I loved the scent of the lotion and felt the slip for the smoothing lotion and Tresseme were comparable. But if you are saying the conditioner is on a whole different level. I must say... My interest is piqued!

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Hmmm... I too am piqued! I bought the Smoothing Lotion specifically because it looked like it might be more moisturizing then the Smoothing Conditioner in the description. I swear ya’ll are definitely contributing to my junkie-isum! SMH
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The lotion is ultra moisturizing and the conditioner is moisturizing. I prefer it to tresemme because the tresemme isnt as rich

I use the tresemme to cowash, I can use the daily condtioner to cowash and condition. Tresemme doesnt put as much moisture in my hair as the Daily Conditioner does.

You can even use the Daily Conditioner as a leave in as well.

P>S if you dont like it and it doesnt measure up, I will surely take it off your hands