I'm hoping that some of you lovely folks can help me...
I'm a type 3b, currently sporting a just-above-shoulder-length cut.
I have been struggling to find a good natural hair care routine for myself that's easy on the wallet, but find myself limited on things I can use.
I'm allergic to coconut and almond oils and have terrible reactions to chemicals (for this reason, I avoid anything with a bajillion ingredients, so to speak).
Currently, my routine consists of washing once a week with Soap Nuts shampoo and conditioning with a small bit of shea butter and argan oil. Between washings, I use rose water to freshen up my hair (it's wonderful!).
Unfortunately, I still have some issues with frizz and volume. I was considering adding olive oil into my conditioning routine and using home-made flaxseed gel for styling.
Any advice or suggestions? My goal is to mix all of my own products.

I'm looking for some styling advice as well.
I've had the same hairstyle for the past few years and *really* want to change it up. My hair is pretty much one length, with slight layering. I dislike having my hair get in my face, so I always put the front section up in a clip.

Sorry for the novel!