Good idea for a thread - it's nice to read what folks are up to! Everyone sounds busy and happy!

Things are going great here. I'm teaching 3 - 4 yoga classes/week, the perfect number for me. I'm busy with my gardening (trees/shrubs/perennials/annuals - hubby does the veggies) and with various clubs. I've put on 10 stubborn pounds this year which I decided to blame on menopause. It couldn't have anything to do with my sweet tooth, right?!

My 3 kids are doing well. Oldest daughter, 24, is living in Austin, TX and runs a dance studio. My second daughter just graduated from Penn State and already landed a job teaching high school chemistry beginning in the fall. The youngest just finished up his first year at U. Mass and did great. He's interning for the 76ers this summer.

My husband is busy with work a lot - but we try to kick back and enjoy the weekends. Last weekend was gorgeous and we spent it at an outdoor wine/jazz festival - lots of fun! We're planning on taking the kids to Jamaica for a week at Christmas time. Life is good!!
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